Strategic HR Outsourced Solution Fuels Growth

Cheryl Klem

Cheryl Klem, SPHR
Human Capital Partners, LLC

Most small to mid-size businesses are overwhelmed with HR administration and don't have the high level HR leadership in place to mitigate blind spots. Human Capital Partners assesses your company's HR health and offers solutions that reduce HR costs and administrative burden while minimizing risks.

"Scalable resources to meet your company's needs."

Whether it's high level organizational development, HR strategic guidance and oversight, culture refinement, talent acquisition, or general HR administration; partnering with Human Capital Partners is the right outsourced solution. Utilizing a mix of our staff and yours allows you to scale to exactly the right size to meet your business needs.


Why Outsource HR

  • Expert Staff Overnight +

    Whether it’s a pressing problem, the need for HR infrastructure set-up or administration, or a longer term strategic initiative; Human Read More
  • Executive Oversight Included +

    Large companies have the luxury of hiring high level HR executives who can build their company culture and work strategically Read More
  • No Training & Burden Costs +

    Typically in small to mid-size companies, HR is handed off to unsuspecting administrative assistants, or worse yet, highly paid executives Read More
  • Focus Your Time on Revenue +

    Are you spending time on non-revenue generating activities? HR management, benefits and other employee matters can be easily outsourced to Read More
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Did You Know...

Companies that are highly skilled in core HR practices experience up to 3.5 times the revenue growth and as much as 2.1 times the profit margins of less capable companies.

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