Finding the right talent is at the crux of business success and yet the traditional models of self-searches, contingency recruiting, or retained recruitment all have their issues and challenges. Self-searches can be overwhelming and time-consuming; you never know where you are on the priority scale with contingency recruiters; and retained recruiters are almost out of the question for many small to mid-size firms due to large up-front costs and staggering fees.

Our model of recruitment is as your partner. We work with you to define the essentials of the person you are looking for; write your position descriptions and postings; publish your search on targeted websites; carefully pre-screen candidates; and help you to identify and interview finalists. We also have a database of candidates for certain jobs and can effectively perform resume searches. You pay for our time and a reasonable fee upon placement – nothing up-front and nothing more.

Did You Know...

Well trained hiring teams will improve staffing results, reduce turnover, and keep you out of legal trouble.

Media Attention

Human Capital Partners founder, Cheryl Klem was recently recognized and interviewed by OC Talk Radio's host Richard Franzi on the Critical Mass for business show. (A radio show focused on executive peer learning in the Orange County business community) 

Richard Franzi  "the wave of the future for HR" 

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At Human Capital Partners, we believe in the principle that everything we have is a gift to be shared. Every month, a portion of our proceeds are given to support the needs of others. Thank you for being our partner.